Rasha Aboulenein Elnaggar

Ms. Rasha worked over 18 years for an American company under the umbrella of the military USAID to Egypt.

During that period, she handled different responsibilities including procurement, contracts, and facility management.

She joined the learning and development field since 2009; supporting the efforts of over one hundred organizations and numerous individuals to improve the quality of work and life, through five core areas of expertise:

Training Design:

Tailoring comprehensive, interactive, and practical training programs that empower participants to change perception.

Training Development:

Developing a full training package including easy-to-use facilitation guide, participant workbooks, and catchy power point slide deck.

Training Delivery:

Delivering inspiring and interactive sessions that links the training subject to business and personal life.


Helping companies and individuals assessing their competencies and behavior styles to better understanding of strengths, weaknesses, and challenges.


Providing life, career, and relationship coaching.

Ms. Rasha has participated in implementing strategy and performance management programs at several companies through training all levels of management, facilitating the writing of detailed objectives which was followed by review session to ensure implementation.

She also participated in mega training projects for different Egyptian Government interties.

She has joined the DDI community and is currently delivering all the DDI leadership programs to the banking sector in Egypt.

During In-class training, Ms. Rasha integrates her training skills, assessment, and coaching to ensure a better understanding as well as successful implementation of the learned skills in business and personal life.

Ms. Rasha’s background Education & Certification are summarized as follows:

MBA Degree (Maastricht School of Management)

Certified Life and Relationship Coaching (ICF)

Certified Behavior Style Assessor (TTI)

Certified trainer designer and developer (ACCT)

Certified Development Dimensions International (DDI) for Business Impact Leadership (BIL)

Certified leadership personal construct assessor (EUNOIA, Sweden)

Ms. Rasha supported companies to fill in the training gaps for their employees by developing and delivering tailored, comprehensive, and applicable training experience.


Projects trained / developed:

Finance Ministry Behavior Style Assessment Program (2013)

New Administrative Capital Employee’s Competencies Training (2021)

Planning & Development Ministry: Watany 2030 Program (2020)

Ministry Of Communication & Information Technology: Youth Enablement for Freelancer Program (2020)

African Leadership Programs (2020 / 2021)

Emerging & Future Leaders’ Programs. (2017:2023)

Amman (Raya): Induction Programs (2018/2019)

Misr Bank: Management by Objectives Program (2018/2019)

Misr Bank: Sales Academy Program (2020 /2021)

Blom Bank: Leadership Program (2019 :2021)

Hayeel Saeed (Yemen) Decision-Making Program (2002)

Planning & Development Ministry, New Capital Moving Program (2022)

Alfa Management by Objectives Program (2022)

WE Coaching with Style Program (2022)

Petroleum Ministry Leadership Program (2022)



Behavior Styles Assessments

Competency Based Assessment

Leadership Personal Construct Assessment

Assessment Center







Goal setting and time management



Edutainment Training.

Experiential learning activities.

Training design and development.

Awareness Campaigns.

Nationalities served:

Egypt, UAE, Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan, Different