Business Agility

Business agility takes the philosophy behind agile development and applies it to every part of the company or organization.   

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Empowering People

Empowering people with knowledge, skills and practices to ensure successful achievement of results.

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World Economic Forum

Develop your development plan as per the latest required skills outlook 2023-2027

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Agility At The Core

Integrated business consulting is rooted in the business consultancy, development and training since 1994. With main focus in business consultancy services in diversified business sectors. With the success stories geographically from Dubai UAE. Qatar, KSA, Zambia, UK to the Egyptian market. IBC participated in the success of diversified business owners and entities in their journey of strategic direction, business modelling, project management, development and training of their staff. Organization development and transformation Into Agility was another challenge which IBC went through and successfully walked the talk with diversified entities as well. With excellence in whatever we deliver or do, we keep our clients as success partners and their satisfaction in the focus. Values and principals guides whatever we do.

Our Services

Business Consulting

With diversified knowledge, experience and success stories. IBC participated in the success of  business owners and entities in their journey of strategic direction.

Development and Training

Empowering, Enabling and Development of the employees is a key success factor into achieving organization’s Vision




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OD & Change Management

Introduction As many organizations are faced with huge challenges in the VUCA world of today, conducting business as usual is...
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Project Management

Introduction  During the early 90’s as the project management industry begins to flourish, and the need for professional entities to...
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Business Analysis & Modelling

Introduction  business model is a high-level plan for how a business will earn and maximize profits. Business models establish whether a...
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Strategy Formulation

Introduction Strategy Formulation is an analytical process of selection of the best suitable course of action to meet the organizational objectives...
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