WEF Future of Jobs 2023 – 2027

Since its first edition in 2016, the World Economic Forum’s bi-annual Future of Jobs Report has tracked the labour-market impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, identifying the potential scale of occupational disruption and growth alongside strategies for empowering job transitions from declining to emerging roles.
In 2023, labour-market transformations driven by technological breakthroughs, such as the coming of age of generative artificial intelligence (AI), are being compounded by economic and geopolitical disruptions and growing social and environmental pressures.

This fourth edition of the Future of Jobs Report therefore broadens its scope beyond technological change to also consider and address the labour-market impact of a multitude of concurrent trends, including the green and energy transitions, macroeconomic factors, and geoeconomic and supply-chain shifts.

Similar to previous editions, the core of the 2023 Future of Jobs Report is based on a unique surveybased data set covering the expectations of a wide cross-section of the world’s largest employers related to job trends and directions for the 2023— 2027 period. This year’s report brings together the perspectives of 803 companies – collectively. employing more than 11.3 million workers – across