Agile Project Management


As project management is gaining a lot of attention in the modern management science and techniques to proper plan, execute and control current running business.

 Project management methodologies developed over time with arising need for fast delivery of project components with customer requirements in the center of attention.

Agile methodology came in the heart of such methodology development.

Started in the software development industries and became widely known and used in almost every industry on the globe.

Awareness and mastering the agile project management methodology and techniques is now an essential skill for those who are managing, participating or simply part of any ongoing project or initiative.













Target audience

Project stakeholders

Middle management

Top management

Program Details

Training Methodology

In class session

Case study

Project management workbook with templates

Training Outcome

Understand and implement the necessary tools for the project framework

Understand and implement the necessary tools for planning in agile

Understand and implement the necessary tools for evaluating progress in agile


Project Management Framework

History of project management


Project management methodology

Organization structure and influence

Triple Constraints

Project management processes

Project life cycle

Stack holders

Selecting projects strategically

Agile Project Management

Core values of agile

Principals of agile

Project planning

Collect Requirement

Define Scope.

Product roadmap creation

Create WBS / Product Backlog

Define Activities

Sprint planning

Resource Estimate

Duration Estimate

Sequence Activities

Cost Estimate

Develop Time Plan

Risk Management

Daily meetings


What did you do yesterday?

What are your goals for today?

How close are we to hitting our sprint goals? What’s your comfort level?

Sprint review and retrospective

Earned Value






The awareness session is designed for 24 hrs of training over 3 Days

Each round with 25 participant

Delivery language

Presentation material in English

Delivery in both Arabic and english


Good command of English language