360 Agile Leaders


The so-called Agile Leadership

A management style characterized by the ability to be calm in the face of pressure, reacting to unique circumstances effectively, being open to innovation, finding ways to inspire, involving employees, and keeping teams on the ground and the right path. By prioritizing people over processes, focusing on customer needs, and seeing change as adding value, organizations and leaders can survive and even thrive in times of crisis and change.


Understand what is agility

Understand the agile mindset

Understand the agile manifesto

Understand the principles of agile leader ship

Target audience

Top Management

Middle management

Program Details

Training Methodology

In class session

Case study

Agile Leadership workbook with templates

Training Outcome

Understand and implement the agile mindset

Understand and implement the agile values

Understand and implement the principles of agile leadership

Understand and implement the recipe of success


What is Agility ?

History of agile

Definition of agile

What agility is not

Agile Manifesto

Agile values

Agile principles

Agile Mindset

What is the agile mindset

Paradigm shift into agility

Adopt the agile mindset

Benchmarking agile mentality

Principles of Agile Leadership

Actions speak louder than words

Improved quality of thinking leads to improved outcomes

Organizations improve through effective

People require meaning and purpose to make work fulfilling

Emotion is a foundation to enhanced creativity and innovation

Leadership lives everywhere in the organization

Leaders devolve appropriate power and authority

Collaborative communities achieve more than individuals

Great ideas can come from anywhere in the organization

Recipe for success

Comfortable with fear (Uncertainty)

Courage to try

Support what you don’t agree

Create a community of supporters (Networking)

Teaming up for growth

Does not lead from position of authority but from the support you are getting from people above you

Run by ideas not hierarchy 


The training session is designed for 16 hrs of training over 2 Days

Each round with 20 participant

Delivery language

Presentation material in English or Arabic

Delivery in both Arabic and English


Good command of English language